T-shirt Printing Order Form


Order Process

We are excited to work with you in getting your T-shirt order! Allow us to tell you how our order process works:

  1. Please fill in the order form

  2. Once we review the form details, we will call you to confirm the details of your order and provide you an estimate order/price quotation

  3. If you approve, please sign and return the estimate order.

  4. We will then send you a Purchase Agreement and once your payment is received and verified, the order is confirmed.

  5. Within 24-48 hours of order confirmation, we will send you a digital mockup for your approval.

  6. Please review the digital mockup carefully to confirm the placement and size of the artwork. If there’s any revisions needed, please contact us right away. Otherwise please sign and return the digital mockup.

  7. Once we received your signed digital mockup, the printing process will soon begin.

  8. Once the printing is completed, we will notify you when the T-shirts are ready for shipping or for your pickup.

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Contact Phone
As part of the process, we will need to call you to review the order form details
Ex: Men T-shirt - QTY 1 Large, QTY 2 XL and Youth T-shirt - Qty 3 Small
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