Flying Dream

Today is another hot summer day in Arizona.  Toto the dog lazily let out a sigh as he lays on the tile floor.  He would prefer to lay on his green colored soft terry-cloth bed but it is just too hot.  His owners, Tim and Cathy, just left for work and turned on a small fan in the living room for Toto.  Even they have central air conditioning blasting all day, it is no match to the lady sun drawing 120 degrees of heat all around.

Toto walked towards to the cooling fan.  His droopy eyes are fixated on the fan as its head sweeps from one end to the another, only feels like watching it in slow motion.

Before long, Toto is sound asleep.    

In Toto's dream, Tim and Cathy carry Toto and together they climb abroad into the tight space inside a B-25J Mitchell.  Yep, today is the scheduled flight tour at the Commemorative Air Force Museum in Mesa, Arizona.  This vintage large metal bird is a sight to behold.  It's BIG!   Before Toto realizes it, the plane is gently lifting off the ground!  Toto can't believe it, he is FLYING!